Ventilation is one of our key specialist areas. Our ranges cover from the large to the small; Air Handling Units to Air Valves.

Here is just a selection of what we can offer:

Spirals and Spiral fittings, Attenuators, Dampers, Grilles, Plenums, Fans, Flex Duct, Rood Outlet, Duct Insulation, Suspension Wire, Plastic Ducting, Accessories, Fittings, Ventilation accessories, Channel and Fixings, Flexible Ducting, Fire Dampers and Access Doors, and much more.

Our extensive knowledge also allows us to help guide you through any bespoke requirement. We can help with custom made ducting to your exact specifications and even advise on selecting the correct ventilation tailored to your project, both on commercial and direct for your own home.

Call us now to guarantee you get just what you want just when you need it!

Acoustic Silencer



Flexible-son Baskýya


Plenum Box

Square Duct

Swirl Diffuser