Customer Trip to Daikin, Bruges

We have just returned from a very eventful customer factory visit to Daikin, Bruges and want to say a big thank you to all those who battled the snow and difficult roads to join us.

The weather clearly threw in a few challenges for us all on the travel arrangements to get across the channel, but quick thinking and agenda juggling saw us all arrive safely in the stunning city of Bruges and all in good spirits.

Daikin were as ever the perfect hosts and treated us all to a good insight to the everyday workings behind the scenes and a close-up view of the precision they put into creating each of its growing portfolio of products. The presentation gave us all increased knowledge of the global scale of the company, the new product offerings, and investment into their goals for future product development and environmental aims.

No matter how many times we visit with Daikin there is always something new to gain and I’m sure I’m not alone in coming away with even more confidence in the exceptional quality of its products and confidence to pass onto our customers.